The fabric from our collection or the fabric supplied by you is laminated on the foam. Stitches are no longer needed due to our durable and qualitative bonding technique. The fabric stays in the desired shape and is bonded to the foam firmly. The product is delivered per square meter or in the dimensions you request so that it can be easily implemented in the final product.

3D for the highest quality and exposure worth

Foam Fabrics not only plays with the 3D depth, width and height. Our 3D product also represents three characteristic D ‘s, namely “Design, Duurzaam en Doeltreffend” or Design, Durability and effectiveness.


  •    linear patterns;
  •    no folds in the fabric;
  •    embossed 3D effect without stitching;
  •    12 standard linear pattern designs;
  •    many possible variations on the linear theme;
  •    furniture fabrics, leather and fake leather are possible to process;
  •    more added value because of distinctive applications;


Foam Fabrics handles durably and consciously:

  •    green power;
  •    fire retardant foam;
  •    solvent-free bonding (3 year guarantee on bonding);
  •    minimal cutting waste because of advanced computer controlled cutting technology;
  •    rest material is recycled and used for other products;
  •    dimensional stability, once it’s cut out the foam never loses its 3D shape;
  •    this results in a longer lifespan for your product!


  •    Excellent acoustic applications;
  •    Less labour intensive production methods;
  •    Fast delivery, no stock required;
  •    more dimension and added value;
  •    own 3D pattern and choice of fabrics;
  •    smaller quantities aren’t a problem, neither large quantities.